Wednesday, March 16, 2011

No way!

*Steps on scale* 178.5 *steps off scale*
*shakes head no*
*steps on scale* 178.5 *steps off scale*
Hmm... :-)

5 minutes later...

*thinks to self* "No way!"

*steps on scale* 178.5

This is what happened last Thursday night when I decided to weigh myself. I am officially out of the 180's and have lost about 10ish pounds now! I still can't really believe it. According to the scale (which I'm still having a hard time believing) this morning I weighed in at 176.5. That's 11.5 pounds! Holy cow! That's more that a baby weighs!

People are asking what my secret is. It is seriously the Zumba, watching the calories, and using my oils from doTerra. That is the secret folks! If you want to know more about the oils feel free to ask!

I'm still having sweet cravings, and I let myself eat the sweets, just a little. Not overboard. So Hard! I've never worked so hard before in my life to lose weight! And I'm finally gaining self control!

I had a horrible day yesterday! My math teacher has gotten real sick and isn't going to be able to return for the rest of the semester. We've had a sub that I'm not learning anything from! Well I guess he's giving us a quiz when none of us know what we are doing and he wont listen when we say we don't get it! I was crying so hard because I know i'm going to fail this test. Well I was so stressed I wanted to go work out real hard. *feels forhead* Wow! I normally would want cheese fries and ice cream. Just shows where my energy is going.

Anyway I'm real excited that I'm seeing these results! Just makes me wanna try even harder!


** Corection on my last post. 4 thin mint girl scout cookies are 160. Still quite a lot!

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